Smart Maintenance with ASM Remote Smart Factory


Fast and convenient remote access infrastructure

Many hotline service calls received are software-related, with faulty settings, incompatibilities, interface problems or bugs being the culprits, causing downtime to the electronics productions. A common scenario sighted, ASM has developed ASM Remote Smart Factory – a software solution where support can be provided to operators remotely in a quick and direct manner. This provides remote access to all ASM line components, easily, globally, cost-effectively, and with total protection for your data and IT networks

Troubleshooting and equipment optimization in modern factories require close communication between users and manufacturers with secure access to all relevant information.

With ASM Remote Smart Factory, ASM components can be easily serviced and configured in a single session. Authentication, access and communication are handled via a specially secured and globally available server application. The integration effort on the factory side is minimal. All that is needed is to connect the ASM Smart Factory Plug & Work Box with the ASM components and the Internet.

Software downloads, settings, upgrades can be performed remotely. If operations must be performed on site, technicians are guided with video transmissions or smart glasses. It not only acts as a communication tool between ASM and your factory, but for your operators within your factory too.

There will be guaranteed IT security and data protection. Conventional tools will not be able to do so, because they involve separate sessions for each module component, resulting in security gaps. Their use is no longer permitted by many security officers.

ASM Remote Smart Factory is the professional solution for electronics manufacturers who want to combine the efficiency and convenience or remote services with IT security.

Key benefits:

  • Secured, professional remote service infrastructure
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Detailed logging of every access
  • Remote services for all connected ASM components: Analytics, file transfers (log files, etc.), patch/update installation, desktop view/control, configuration settings
  • Fast and reliable analysis, troubleshooting and optimization, with significant lower service costs
  • Includes chat client video/audio - support via smart devices (Smart Glasses, Smart phone/Tablet or IP Camera) with ASM Service

For more information on ASM Remote Smart Factory, you can watch the video.

For more information, please contact us at smt-solutions.sg@asmpt.com.

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