Process optimization – Processes that improve themselves

The next step in electronics production: Solutions for self-optimizing processes.

Modern ASM solutions that monitor and control all relevant process parameters in real time are an indispensable part of the smart SMT factory. They recognize and communicate even the smallest deviations before they can negatively affect the running production.

The real revolution, however, comes from modern expert systems that make it possible to stabilize and proactively control the line processes completely autonomously without human interference. They no longer do this on the basis of the rigid threshold or limit values you are familiar with from classic inspection systems. Instead, these expert systems analyze huge amounts of data, learn autonomously, and become better and more accurate with each board being printed and populated as it travels through the line.

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Indicators of weaknesses in process optimization

  • Difficulty to produce more complex products with competitive yields
  • Process deviations are detected late or only during a product test
  • Weaknesses in process monitoring require 100-percent product inspections
  • Analyses and corrections via “trial and error” create high costs due to quality problems
  • High personnel costs and frequent “emergency calls” to internal or external process experts
  • Declining productivity and competitiveness

KPI improvements at other ASM customers


Reduction of operator intervention


Increase in yield


Increase in throughput

Rena Big

Process optimization at RENA (Netherlands)

“Unstable printing processes and the frequent need to manual adjust machine setting led to significant productivity and quality fluctuations in our production of LED lighting solutions. Today we use the ASM ProcessExpert to monitor, stabilize and optimize our printing processes at a very early stage in the product life cycle with the help of virtual prints and the ASM DFM HealthCheck. In addition, all ASM systems are linked via the ASM Remote Smart Factory. We use this innovative support system a lot to give the experts and technicians in Munich direct access to our line and to jointly develop and implement process improvements,” says Jochem Winkelmann, General Manager at RENA Electronica B.V.


The most important products/solutions

ASM ProcessLens

ASM ProcessExpert with ASM ProcessLens

As a new-generation expert system, the ASM ProcessExpert does more than just monitor the printing process. It records and stores all details of your print runs, combines printer settings with product and process data, forgets nothing, and learns from each printed board.

ASM Products Software DEK ProDEK


The DEK ProDEK Closed Loop software tool provides access to the results produced by external SPI systems and uses this statistical data for the automated control of the printing process to do things like correcting print offsets and adjusting cleaning cycles.

ASM Process Support Products

ASM Process Support Products (PSP)

Stable, perfectly optimized printing processes require the use of performance-enhancing printer options and high-quality consumables. Only the consistent quality of stencils, frames, toolings, paste supply systems and cleaning materials ensures the desired results.

Further products

Add further smart ASM hardware and software solutions as well as services to perfectly reflect and continuously support your planning processes. This is how to optimize the workflow process optimization in your electronics production.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASM offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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