ASM Traceability

Track-and-trace for demanding customers

Since large recalls are expensive and harm a company’s image, more and more customers require complete track-and-trace capabilities. With ASM Traceability you can turn this into a competitive advantage.

ASM Traceability ensures transparent monitoring and seamless record-keeping by linking all quality- and production-relevant information supplied by ASM Setup Center, splice sensors, fill level meters, barcode readers and other sensors in your production.

The benefits of ASM Traceability:

  • Maximum process stability: Comprehensive networking minimizes errors, for example by enforcing correct setups via scanning
  • Maximum transparency: ASM Traceability keeps track of all production- and quality-relevant production data
  • Minimum effort: ASM Traceability collects the data from software, readers and sensors, most of which are already installed on your line
  • Instant information: State-of-the-art database technology ensures rapid data availability
  • New: You can also collect all consumption data for stencils, solder paste, support tools, etc. from your DEK printer.
  • New opportunities: ASM Traceability is your ticket to the exclusive circle of demanding customers in industries like aerospace, automotive and medical technologies

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