ASM Works – Smart Shopfloor Management Suite

Smart process integration in electronics manufacturing is based on powerful hardware and software solutions that work together and can exchange data with each other. New functions and systems can be added and enhanced individually and in stages, coming as close to plug-and-play as possible.

In line with this concept, the software and process experts at technology leader ASM have bundled the company's award-winning software solutions in a powerful shopfloor management software suite. With ASM Works, you can now start building the software infrastructure for smart, integrated electronics production with a single package and without having to worry about interfaces, compatibilities and data transfers. The basic package can be enhanced with smart upgrade modules designed to optimize specific processes in electronics production.

ASM Works thus becomes the cornerstone for your integrated smart factory – convenient and tailor-made for every electronics manufacturer.

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Works Smart Shopfloor Management Suite

The Core Package of ASM Works is the fundamental software infrastructure for the Integrated Smart Factory. Eight additionally upgrade modules can be deployed to further optimize factory workflows.

ASM Works Core Package

The power basic package for electronic production uses ASM OIB to connect the line components and build the data foundation for your smart integrated factory and an efficient shop floor management system.

  • Consistent connectivity and communication
  • Shop floor management (orders, setups, monitoring, remote maintenance, etc.)
  • Easy software upgrades

ASM Works Upgrade Modules

When the need arises, ASM Works upgrade modules are available – everything is instantly integrated.

  • Process integration and optimization
  • Expanded functionalities
  • Step-by-step to the integrated smart factory
  • Minimal integration effort, instant impact

ASM Works Upgrade Modules in detail



ASM Production Planner – Plan your production based on order due dates, line status information, setup changes and maintenance schedules. This upgrade modules ensures delivery reliability and makes for happy customers.


Material Management

ASM Material Manager – The comprehensive software solutions for SMT-specific material management. No more hoarding emergency stocks “just in case”, material shortages, materialrelated line stops, shuffling paper-based lists, and wasting time looking for materials.



ASM Material Setup Assistant – The hub for intelligent and highly efficient setup concepts. Upgrade module for quick, error-free setups and a highly efficient production flow.



ASM Command Center – This upgrade module allows your line staff to work in efficient operator pools. Our highly innovative software revolutionizes classic operator models and the rigid assignment of people to lines.


Process Optimization

ASM ProcessExpert – The world’s first self-learning expert system optimizes your production processes semi-automatically or fully on its own.


Factory Monitoring

ASM Performance Monitor – The upgrade module for the smart monitoring of cross-line KPI’s in production with automatic notifications and reporting.



ASM Traceability – Upgrade module for transparent monitoring and complete track-and-trace capability.


Factory Integration

ASM Factory Integration Package – The upgrade module for expanded data integration with MES process interlocking, predictive maintenance and process data interfaces.

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Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASM offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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