productronica 2021

On site and virtual – ASM’s productronica will be a hybrid event

We are pleased that we can finally get together in person again – and what setting could be better than our industry’s leading trade fair?



This year, ASM’s productronica booth will be dominated by smart automation and process optimization along the entire line. In our Experience Areas, you can get an impression of our latest innovations in realistic production environments. Visit us at the productronica 2021 – you won’t regret it!


Even if you cannot make it to Munich in person, you won’t miss a thing because our virtual booth and extensive media library are available on demand from November 16, 2021.
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During productronica, we will broadcast each day the most exciting show highlights live from our ASM studio. Look forward to exciting and informative moments.
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"on air" – productronica 2021

Daily live broadcasts from the ASM trade fair studio

Your host Laszlo Sereny will guide you through the broadcasts from the ASM trade fair studio during productronica 2021.
In his more than 20 years at SIPLACE/SIEMENS/ASM, he held various leading positions in sales and quality management and is today head of ASM's Global Sales Learning Management. With infectious enthusiasm, a good dose of humor as well as customer and solution orientation, he always knows how to present even highly complex topics with a plethora of information in an entertaining and exciting way.

Laszlo Sereny

Head of Global Sales Learning Management

Don't miss out on any of our hybrid trade show offerings.

"on site" – productronica 2021

productronica 2021 – November 16-19, 2021
Hall 3 – Booth 377

What can you expect? A large variety of hardware and software for applications ranging from printing and inspection to placement and process improvements – also including third-party solutions. Our live demonstrations in the Experience Areas will focus on the most far-reaching automation of production and material flow processes. In realistic manufacturing environments, we will show how you can make your factory more productive, efficient and resilient – all while making your journey to the integrated smart factory even more successful.

Sounds interesting and exciting? Visit us in Munich and learn what it’s all about!

Please click on one of the locations (location pins) to get more information!

1. Open Automation Arena – Haithem Jeridi

Economically feasible automation will only be successful if it is modular, open, and non-proprietary. ASM Open Automation gives electronics manufacturers everything they need to determine the degree and the speed of their automation in accordance with their specific needs. I will gladly explain the smart ASM concept to you in our Open Automation Arena.

2. Smart and automated materials supply –
Dogan Cakir

Material preparation and product changeovers have become critical steps in the manufacturing process. I will show you how automated material supply systems and optimized offline production preparation can help you to achieve quick and efficient product changeovers, minimize line stops, and adhere to your production schedule.

3. Highly flexible assembly – Christoph Oeckl

With the latest generation of the SIPLACE SX, I will show you the most flexible placement solution ever. You can place SMDs, OSCs or THT components on a single machine and eliminate the need for expensive and relatively unproductive specialty machines. And best of all, the SIPLACE SX comes with top speed and precision for components ranging from 0201m to 200 x 125 x 50 millimeters.

  • Capacity on Demand with ASM’s unique interchangeable gantries that let you change placement heads in as little as 30 minutes
  • Master all challenges arising from odd-shaped components with the ASM OSC Package and the optional Clinching Tool
  • Easy integration of third-party feeders
  • Placement forces ranging from 0.5 to 100 newtons
  • Board lengths of up to 1.525 meters

4. Maximum speed and accuracy –
Wei Li and Johannes Lettenbauer

Do you require top speed as well as top accuracy for your high-volume production? We will show you how the best-in-class high-speed placement platform for SMT and advanced packaging applications, the SIPLACE TX-Series sets new standards in speed, floorspace performance, and accuracy.

  • Up to 96,000 cph in a footprint of only 2.3 square meters
  • Accuracy of up to 25 µm @ 3 σ or 15 µm @ 3 σ (SIPLACE TX micron)
  • Market-leading vision system checks each component for top placement quality, including the detection of cracked dies and die chipping
  • New: SIPLACE Tray Unit for non-stop supply of components in up to 84 JEDEC trays

5. Fastest high-end SPI system – Jérôme Rousval

You will be thrilled when I show you the industry’s fastest and most precise SPI system. With the new ASM ProcessLens, speed and precision are no longer mutually exclusive. New algorithms and smart software help you to interpret measurement results from all angles. It measures what matters, with no compromises or false errors.

  • On average up to 70 percent faster than conventional SPI systems with no quality compromises
  • Resolution of 20 µm in high-speed mode or 10 µm in high-resolution mode with mode switching via software
  • DLP chip with 20 million micro-mirrors, 25 MP camera system, scanning area of 50 x 50 millimeters
  • Optional upgrade to the world’s first self-learning SPI expert system with autonomous printing process optimization and control

6. Industry-leading printing performance – Jens Katschke

With the DEK TQ I will present the industry’s best and most powerful solder paste printer and show you how to achieve optimal printing results in your production. Smart options and state-of-the-art automation features ensure that the DEK TQ masters even the most challenging benchmarking tests and process requirements.

  • Wet-print accuracy of 17.5 µm @ 2 Cpk with a core cycle time of as little as 5 seconds
  • One shift (8 hours) or more of non-stop runtime with no user assists thanks to extra-large USC fabric rolls and a 7-liter tank for cleaning fluid
  • Changeover of paste cartridges with no line stop thanks to the optional dual-access cover
  • New automation options such as Smart Pin Placement with two automatically placeable pin sizes or DEK All Purpose Clamping, ASM’s most flexible clamping system for all requirements

7. ASM Works, the comprehensive shop floor management suite – Stéphane Le Roux and Mathias Heinz

We will demonstrate how you can optimize your production workflows and enhance your productivity with ASM Works. The modular shop floor management suite allows you to build the perfect software infrastructure for your Integrated Smart Factory in stages – based on your schedule and your specific needs.

  • The basic ASM Works Core package provides the shop floor management foundation with order management, setup preparation, monitoring, remote control, and a whole lot more. Everything is connected and integrated
  • Eight upgrade modules extend your process integration and optimization even further

8. Critical Manufacturing MES – Pedro Oliveira

Let me show you what happens when you take an award-winning MES and enhance it with SMT-specific functionalities to meet the needs of the Integrated Smart Factory. Critical Manufacturing MES helps manufacturers digitalize their operations to compete effectively and to easily adapt to changes in demand, opportunities, or requirements – anywhere and anytime.

9. Smart Service Solutions – Oliver Kraus

ASM is your partner not only when it comes to industry-leading hardware and software solutions – our service offerings are also second to none. I will explain how ASM can further advance your production with support, remote maintenance and consulting services, and how you can improve your employees’ qualifications with our comprehensive range of training courses.

  • Save valuable time on support requests and unplanned line downtime with ASM Remote Smart Factory
  • Get spare parts and consumables easier and faster with the ASM Webshop
  • Switch to Predictive Maintenance with ASM Factory Equipment Center
  • Take advantage of hundreds of interactive training content through our training and learning platform ASM Academy

10. ASM semiconductor solutions – David Felicetti

Applications such as 5G or Car2X communication make the production of semiconductors increasingly complex as packages become smaller while requirements rise and prices decline continuously. That’s why industry leader ASM offers a wide range of smart SiP concepts that are on the cutting edge of technology. Allow me to give an advance look at just two examples of the extensive portfolio of solutions you can see at this year’s productronica:

  • AMICRA Nano, the ultra-high-precision solution for die-attach and flip chip bonding in the sub-micron range features a placement accuracy of ±0.3 µm @ 3 σ – it offers the highest placement accuracy in its class!
  • EagleAERO, the leading solution for wire bonding with all popular materials (Au, Cu, CuPd, and Ag), features a precision rating of 2 µm @ 3 σ and the ability to process substrate sizes of up to 105 x 300 millimeters

Of course, we will comply at our booth with all applicable COVID-19 health and hygiene rules. Here you will find the health and safety concept of the Munich trade fair.

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We look forward to presenting our Open Automation concept at this year’s productronica. With its modularity, retrofittability and efficiency, it gives electronics manufacturers the freedom they need to automate their production when and how they want in accordance with their specific requirements.
Alexander Hagenfeldt

Your "Open Automation" expert

Meaningful and targeted automation requires a view across the entire production area. ASM Open Automation examines each step of the manufacturing process: the manual effort required, error susceptibility and consequences, the frequency of use, and the resources required to automate it. Only by having the full picture can a decision be made to automate a particular step. In this way, automation itself does not become a purpose in and of itself, but a business decision with a measurable return on investment.
Rob Raine

Your "Open Automation" expert

Automation and process optimization require the integration of all involved systems and machines. To accomplish this, all parties must be able to communicate with each other seamlessly – both horizontally and vertically. That’s why ASM equipment features powerful open interfaces such as IPC Hermes 9852 and IPC-CFX that make it possible to fully integrate ASM and third-party solutions.
Haithem Jeridi

Your "Open Automation" expert

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Impressions from productronica 2019

Much has happened in two years – be excited what smart hard- and software solutions ASM has in store for you this time.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASM offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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