The maintenance of the future
is predictive

Maintenance that’s predictive and preventive is one of the pillars of the integrated smart factory. Instead of simply responding to malfunctions and adhering to rigid maintenance cycles, smart software solutions adapt your maintenance activities to your production schedule and provide support for your technicians.

The benefits:

  • Flexible, usage-based service intervals
  • Fewer interruptions, more availability
  • More efficient maintenance and documentation
  • Software that monitors machines via sensors to recognize trends and anomalies long before they can cause trouble

The potential is huge

Maintenance moves from being an unpopular chore to becoming an efficiency driver – thanks to digitalization and workflow support. Here’s what experts and users say about the potential of predictive maintenance:

We deliver the prerequisites, no matter who made your equipment

To make the most of predictive maintenance, new solutions are needed. Until now, every equipment manufacturer has done his own thing. ASM is finally breaking up these silos. Our ASM Factory Equipment Center software revolutionizes asset and maintenance management in electronics production:

  • A central maintenance calendar for all machines, irrespective of their manufacturer
  • Central status overviews of all machines from any manufacturer
  • Open interfaces for connecting and reading sensors
  • Quick and easy access to all instructions and manuals
  • Software-supported workflows from planning to automated documentation
  • Browser-based operation
  • Unlimited users – licensing costs are based on the number of assets

ASM Equipment Center also features supplemental feeder management functions as well as integrated remote support functions.

Central maintenance calendar
for all machines of all vendors

Central maintenance calendar
for all machines of all vendors

Intelligent machines
with sensor monitoring

Intelligent machines
with sensor monitoring

Standardized data interfaces
and powerful analysis tools

Standardized data interfaces
and powerful analysis tools

Investment protection from the technology leader

With the ASM Factory Equipment Center, you invest in systematic, intelligent and highly efficient maintenance and asset management for all machines in your plant – irrespective of the type of asset and its manufacturer. As everything becomes accessible, you open the door to state-of-the-art concepts such as predictive maintenance.

4 Questions about Predictive Maintenance to Oliver Kraus,
SMT Solutions Manager at ASM

Raise the level of your maintenance quality and efficiency to its fullest.

Get ready for maintenance that’s preventive and predictive. As the industry’s technology leader, ASM delivers the foundation for data-based predictive maintenance already today.

Talk with our experts.

Would you like to learn more about ASM Factory Equipment Center and its possibilities regarding predictive maintenance?

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASM offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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