SIPLACE Linear Dipping Unit 2 X


State-of-the-art flux dipping solution for maximum process stability

Check out the key features of the new SIPLACE Linear Dipping Unit (LDU) 2 X which includes various enhancements improving usability, reliability and mechanical stability.

As the semiconductor market continues to trend towards miniaturization, the use of flip chips in advanced packaging technologies such as 2.5D and 3D packages have seen exponential growth rates in recent years.

Flux coating on the solder bumps is one of the key processes to remove oxides, pre-bond flip chip on the substrate during placement and to increase the wettability of the solder bump to get a reliable solder joint to the substrate.

Flux printing and dipping are the 2 main methods to apply flux to the solder bumps. Printing of flux on the PCB has a large performance advantage compared to dipping of each component. However, as the size of flip chip bumps and other components continue to shrink, the density of components and thickness of stencils have created a technology roadblock for printing.

The SIPLACE LDU 2 X is an enhancement over the LDU X which was launched since 2008. The LDU 2 X includes improvements in usability, reliability and mechanical stability collected through customer feedback over the last years.

Key features of the LDU 2 X include:

  1. RFID chip embedded within the dipping plate. It can store the serial number of the dipping plate as well as the information of the cavity.
  2. Cavity plate of different flux cavity on a single dipping plate to increase flexibility for the user.
  3. New locking mechanism for the flux tank, for easier handling.
  4. An integrated flux level sensor.
  5. Increased robustness of the dipping unit

To find out more, please contact us at smt-solutions.sg@asmpt.com.

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