Electronics manufacturers showed great interest during Productronica


Integrated Smart Factory piqued many electronics manufacturers

On 12 – 15 November 2019, ASM participated in Productronica trade fair in Munich. Themed “Integrated Smart Factory”, covering more than 800 square meters, it garnered a lot of attention and attracted many electronic manufacturers to the booth. Visitors witnessed live shows of integrated smart SMT factory solutions demonstrated before them, examined the upgraded and new features of ASM platforms and solutions and immersed in the fully integrated and automated solutions. Running concurrently with Productronica, ASM also invited customers to an off-site show in its SMT Center of Competence in Munich which was very well-received.

“What set us apart is our ability to already provide Productronica visitors today with concrete answers to the question: how and where the digital transformation, automation, and the smart factory will improve the productivity and quality in electronics manufacturing. Also as important is the fact that ASM solutions can be introduced in existing factories in stages, as well as the ability to include machines and solutions from other equipment suppliers. Open interfaces and standardized protocols like IPC-HERMES-9852, ASM OIB and IPC-CFX make this possible,” said Guenter Lauber, CEO ASM Assembly Systems.

Daily live shows were available at the booth in the Integrated Smart Factory Arena – with robot-supported, fully automated solutions for material flows and setup changeovers as well as the complete data integration from the shop floor to the cloud – it is always packed with audience.

Many ASM platforms were exhibited, such as DEK TQ stencil printer, new ASM Material Tower, the new, flexible SIPLACE SX with the OSC Package for odd-shaped components, and the ASM ProcessLens 5D SPI systems.

Going hand-in-hand with the ASM platforms, the software that supports the integrated workflows in the electronics factories such as ASM Command Centre, ASM FactoryChat and ASM Production Planner were also showcased. Also, setting the foundations for implementing the integrated smart factory were the ‘digital twins’ in ASM software applications and the ASM Academy service solution with its virtual-reality training units.

Advanced Packaging process solutions such as ASM SilverSAM, the flexible SIPLACE CA and ASM AMICRA CoS were also highlighted during the show. We are honoured that the AMICRA CoS won the Productronica Innovation Award 2019.

ASM also invited its customers to a two-day in-house show at its SMT Center of Competence in Munich that ran concurrently with Productronica. Live demonstrations and presentations by customers and partners like Flex, Huawei, Koh Young and ASM experts, shared about the latest technological trends and upcoming product developments in this ever-changing, -improving industry.

Electronics manufacturers, customers and visitors were all eager to know and understand more about the Integrated Smart Factory concept and how the digitalisation and automation work while ASM experts were zealous to share their knowledge with them.

Watch this video where Mr Peland Koh, Managing Director ASM SMT Solutions, ROA, shares his insights about the most important innovations regarding our Integrated Smart Factory Portfolio.

For more details on the various upgraded and new platforms and solutions, please refer to the following press releases.


Integrated Smart Factory


ASM ProcessExpert

ASM Equipment Center

ASM FactoryChat

Advanced Packaging

To view captures taken during the Productronica, you may visit our website covering the Show.

For more information, please contact us at smt-solutions.sg@asmpt.com.

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