New operator pool concept with ASM Command Center


Revolutionizing smart operators at electronic manufacturing factories

With the focus on embarking on Industry 4.0, all manufacturers are now keen to focus on reducing operators per line. Cost reduction is an important KPI, if we can reduce the headcount needed per line, then we can reduce the cost to run production. This cost savings is not only in terms of monetary, it also relieves the need to source for headcount when production peaks up.

At ASM, we understand the need to reduce total number of operators per line as well as improving the capability and knowledge of each operator by using smart devices and easy to understand info-guides. The ASM Command Center is the solution, and it has been demonstrated to customers during events and shows and have received very positive feedback.

The ASM Command Center is made up of 2 components.

  • Smart Device for operators that are required to be present at the line (Eg. Splicing, machine errors like jammed feeder etc)
  • Remote Cockpit for resolving issues that can be done by remoting to the machine (Eg. AOI false call validation, placement machine vision failure due to component centering etc)

By using this strategy, we maximize the productivity of each operator since they no longer need to regularly stay at each line. This promotes the concept of operator pool where resources can be shared between lines and therefore, reduce the required number of operators.

For more information about ASM Command Centre, you can read the brochure.

For more information, please contact us at smt-solutions.sg@asmpt.com

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