Data will make the difference

Best-in-class equipment is and remains the basis of every efficient electronics factory. But connectivity and integration are new challenges. How are things with you? Is your data still trapped in "silos"? In machines, in proprietary formats of various equipment makers or in standalone solutions? Then you have to act.

Only someone who can provide reliable data in real time and irrespective of time, place and device can run a smart SMT factory with agility and competiveness. As the leading technology partner to the electronics industry, we face up to these challenges. Talk to us about our tried and tested solutions for end-to-end integration.

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The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852): Full board data availability along the line

IPC-HERMES-9852 – Seamless
communication along the line

Recognized by IPC as SMEMA successor

  • Jointly developed by ASM and other manufacturers
  • An open, non-proprietary standard for connectivity
  • Modern TCP/IP- and XML-based protocol
  • Transparent board status information
  • Easy and flexible integration
  • Saves time, cost and space

More information about IPC-HERMES-9852

ASM OIB and IPC CFX: Interfaces for process data and line level integration

Smart control requires process transparency

Bi-directional M2M communication

  • ASM OIB:
    ASM high-performance interface for machine data and integrated workflows

  • IPC CFX:
    standard communication protocol to transmit process data and control commands in multi-vendor environments

  • Easy and seamless integration of shop floor data to higher-level IT-systems for monitoring and control

More information about ASM OIB More information about IPC CFX

CRITICAL MANUFACTURING: modern MES for the digital age

Smart machines, real time, flexible processes:
Is your MES ready for the future?

Process monitoring, visualization and optimization via digital twin

  • Factory wide integration also beyond electronics manufacturing

  • Ready to process a never-ending flow of data from a wide range of sources (IIoT / Big Data)

  • Monitoring, simulation and optimization based on digital twins

  • Ready for OIB and IPC/CFX

  • Role- and device-specific presentation of data in realtime

More information about CRITICAL MANUFACTURING

ADAMOS: Secure IIoT and cloud platform

Integrating multi-site value chains

A global IIoT platform for manufacturing companies

  • Jointly developed by ASM and international champions like Zeiss, DMG Mori, Rittal, Software AG et.al.

  • Reliable, secure and highly scalable cloud infrastructure for multi-site integration

  • Operating platform for customer-specific apps (data interchange, monitoring, control, collaboration/learning, remote support etc.)

More information about ADAMOS

Enabling the digital world

ASM: Your strategic partner on the way to the Integrated Smart Factory

ASM supports networking and integration

As a leading technology partner to our customers, we know the challenges electronics manufacturers face today.
This is why we not only offer best-in-class equipment, but also support electronics manufacturers in creating and integrating the Smart Factory.

Our suggestion: Let's talk together about your factory of the future.
Benefit from our experience and other projects in our worldwide competence and customer network.

Gabriela Reckewerth - Senior Director Global Marketing

Your contact person

Gabriela Reckewerth
Senior Director
Global Marketing

Do you have questions about the Integrated Smart Factory? Get in touch with us for competent, direct advice.

Smart SMT Network

Let’s build the smart SMT factory together. The Smart SMT Network is a global affiliation of electronics manufacturers, experts from ASM’s own SMT Smart Network, and industry partners. It is open to interested electronics manufacturers like you.

Smart SMT Workflows

Smart SMT Workflows

Successful electronics manufacturers look for solution partners instead of mere equipment suppliers. They work with their partners already in the design and development phase before they install open hardware and software solutions that must be continuously adapted to changing requirements and optimized with the help of support processes.

Best-in-class solutions

Good planning is the basis for efficiency, flexibility and quality in electronics production. As the industry’s technology leader, we offer a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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