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    Expert Knowledge from the SMT Center of Competence - at your fingertips

    Many electronics manufacturers visit the five ASM SMT Centers of Competence every year to discuss their unique production challenges and develop solutions. We are happy to share these technical lessons, learnings and revelations. The ASM experts from the SMT Center of Competence now offer the SMT Learning Videos: experience our interesting solution demos from the comfort of your own desk, and enjoy a world of knowledge at your fingertips.


    Odd-Shape-Component (OSC) Package


    Whether you need to accommodate irregular lead shapes or complex snap-in components: this ASM SMT Learning Video shows you how you can handle Odd-Shape-Components with ease using the powerful SIPLACE Very High Force TwinHead and the smart 3D imaging of the new SIPLACE OSC Package.

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    On-board PCB Inspection


    See how ASM's powerful new On-board PCB Inspection checks before large components, BGAs and Shields are placed, and safely detects interfering objects on the PCB surface, presence of components and solder paste on the pads before placement - all of that without having to program complex component descriptions.

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    DEK Paste Roll Height Monitor 2


    Learn how you can heighten your printing quality and increase your level of automation with the new function "Self-calibration and control height setting" of the DEK Paste Roll Height Monitor 2.

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    New Features in Software-Release 18-1


    In this SMT Learning Video, process expert Haithem Jeridi introduces the latest features of the first software release of this year, release 18-1. Find out how ASM's SIPLACE and DEK solutions become even more efficient: Special focus for the software release 18-1 is on the optimization of the station software Sirio as well as the line software SIPLACE Pro.

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    ASM DFM Healthcheck


    In our fifth SMT Learning Video, our ASM experts show you how you can control and stabilize your printing process with DFM HealthCheck. DFM HealthCheck is a self-learning expert system that offers completely new possibilities. As it runs printing simulations based on Gerber data of the stencils as well as data from an extensive process database, production can already be projected and stabilized during the Planning phase.

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    ASM ProductionPlanner


    In the ASM SMT Learning Video ASM Marketing Solutions Manager Mathias Heinz will demonstrate the new features that are available in the ASM Production Planner tool. Our expert will show you how important it is to have a powerful and flexible planning tool, and how easy the improved ASM Production Planner makes it to schedule your work processes.

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    Highlight features of new extensive ASM release


    In this ASM SMT Learning Videos Haithem Jeridi will show you the highlight functionalities of the new ASM release. Learn more about the extensive developments for workflows Process Optimization, Production and Factory Integration. Such as automatic illumination settings, Crack Die Inspection and Long Board Option (LBO) for the SIPLACE TX as well as the Vision System being able to automatically recognize special nozzles.

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    ASM Printer Programming


    In this SMT Learning Video, ASM Application Manager Michael Schimpf will demonstrate how you can use ASM Printer Programming to raise your line productivity and eliminate error sources.

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    ASM Process Support Products (PSP)


    Everything from a single source – in this SMT Learning Video Jens Katschke, Solutions Marketing Manager at ASM, shows how you can use the extensive portfolio of ASM Process Support Products to improve the throughput and productivity of your printing processes and SMT lines.

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