Broad component spectrum

    Industrial electronics applications comprise a wide spectrum ranging from miniaturized process monitoring sensors to oversized boards for control applications in giant installations. Placement solutions for such applications must operate with the level of efficiency and flexibility that customers in these fields expect from their electronics manufacturers. In many cases, the lot sizes are fairly small and the lead times short. Accordingly, the setup changeovers must be quick and reliable.

    And the quality requirements are very high, because the failure of even a small electronic module in a production environment can create huge costs. Additional challenges arise from the growing number of product variants, shorter product life cycles, and the increasingly tight synchronization between the electronics manufacturing plant and the customer's supply chain.

    The SIPLACE SX platform is by far the most flexible placement solution on the market. It was developed to provide OEMs and EMS companies with the performance and precision they need when they need it while being adaptable to the changing requirements of customers and markets.