Active Parts & LEDs


    LEDs illuminate the future 

    LEDs have become a major growth driver in electronics manufacturing in recent years, as their use is no longer limited to monitors and control panels. With their energy efficiency, long life, flexible uses and low production costs, LEDs are used in more and more applications such as streetlights and vehicle headlights.

    Challenges for the production line

    At the same time, LEDs and other active components such as diodes and transistors are getting smaller all the time. This poses a challenge for the pad design, particularly since these ever-smaller contact pads are also used for heat dissipation. This trend increases the need for accuracy in the SMT process even more.

    Other challenges involve the correct pickup of the sensitive components and combining each LED with its matching resistor to compensate for production-related deviations in the LEDs’ brightness classes.

    Driven by our deep process knowledge, SIPLACE machines have become the leading solution for the efficient and high-quality placement of LEDs and other active components thanks to their many innovative features in terms of hardware and software.