Technology - 0201 (metric)


    At the forefront: ASM and the placement of super-small 0201 (metric) components

    Only 0.25 mm long and 0.125 mm wide. Metric 0201 components (called 0201m for short) are the next step in the miniaturization of electronics. 0201m capacitors and resistors will soon be a common sight in submodules, module phones and medical sensors.

    Do you want to be ready or already have a need to be able to process these components? Technology leader ASM Assembly Systems stands ready to help. SIPLACE placement machines and DEK printers are able to handle the special requirements of 0201m, and our process expert can help you manage the related processes.


    We have already validated the 0201m capabilities of our solutions with extensive test runs in the SMT Center of Competence. To read the resulting recommendations, click the following links:

    If you have concrete interest in our solutions or would like to receive more information,  .

    0201 (metric) component compared with a 0402 (metric) and a 0603 (metric) component