Process Integration


    #1 in process integration: Everything under control

    The third major driver for the Smart #1 SMT Factory is improved process integration. It focuses on self-learning expert systems which receive information from various machines and line components, indicates the status of systems and jobs in real time, visualizes the consequences of planning decisions via simulations, and optimizes process parameters by comparing current quality measurements with historical values from huge knowledge databases. Some of these systems even do this autonomously, i.e. without any human interaction.

    Only such advanced process integration will provide the Smart #1 SMT Factory with the flexibility and speed needed in future electronics production environments.

    The smart solution from ASM:

    ASM ProcessExpert
    With its ASM Process Expert, ASM has developed the first self-learning inline expert system for electronics manufacturing. It uses virtual printing to determine whether a PCB layout allows a reliable printing and placement process (DFM check), determines instantly the best possible printing parameters for new products (NPI), and continuously monitors and optimizes the printing parameters during production runs. And it can do all this entirely on its own based on data from its knowledge database (ASM Process Engine) and its integrated high-end 5D SPI system (ASM Process Lens).