Material Logistics


    #1 in material logistics: Smart material flows from the warehouse to the line

    Even the Smart #1 SMT Factory can operate only if the right materials arrive in the right place at the right time. Today, material-related line stops are among the greatest efficiency killers in electronics production. That’s why improvements in material logistics are among the most important innovation drivers for the Smart #1 SMT Factory.

    As the industry’s trailblazer, ASM offers an SMT-specific solution for optimized material management. Instead of focusing exclusively on inventory control and management like classic solutions, our teams of developers took the term ‘material flow’ literally and developed powerful software that integrates and optimizes all material-related processes without any need for paper or printouts. It controls all steps from receiving and  warehouse processes, high-bay rack system controls, MSD storage and pick processes to the shop floor, the setup preparation area and the material supplies for running lines. Individual views for employees: Incoming goods controllers, warehouse managers, production schedulers, pickers, setup staff, and line operators.

    Our smart material logistics solutions for you:

    SIPLACE Material Manager
    Our complete solution for SMT-specific materials management. Modular, powerful, and fully integrated.

    SIPLACE Material Tower
    Our ultra-compact storage system for component reels. MSD-capable, automatic, fully integrated into the SIPLACE Material Manager software, and ideal for managing material supplies in setup preparation areas or on the line.

    ASM Line Monitor
    Everything that matters on a single screen: The ASM Line Monitor displays all relevant status information for a single line. Red-yellow-green indicators warn of critical situations and allow for quick action.

    SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant
    The SIPLACE Material Setup Assistant supports your staff in the setup preparation area. The software controls the feeder's LED indicators and guides operators through the setup and teardown of changeover tables.

    DEK Stencils
    DEK Stencils are bar-coded to customer specification, aiding storage as well as traceability and verification throughout the manufacturing facility.