#1 in automation: Smart operations are the goal

    Manual processes are error-prone, slow and expensive. They tie up people in routine operations. That’s why advanced automation is one of the major innovation drivers in the Smart #1 SMT Factory.

    ASM calls this “smart operations”. Routine steps are automated much more effectively and flexibly, and any manual operations that remain are raised to an entirely new level with the help of modern software and mobile user devices (“operator guidance”). This relieves employees from routine activities and gives them more time for planning and making improvements.

    Here are some of ASM's latest innovations in the area of automation:

    SIPLACE BulkFeeder X
    Say goodbye to splicing with a totally new type of feeder that changes everything. Instead of using expensively packaged components, you can now refill up to 1 million components in a single container – with no loss in speed and even more precision than before.

    SIPLACE SiCluster MultiLine
    For perfect multiline setup scheduling. When new orders come in, the software generates an optimized setup schedule based on the placement programs and your lines’ capabilities. The results: maximum schedule reliability, minimal setup times, and maximum line efficiency.

    DEK ProFlow ATx
    The latest generation of our enclosed print head system eliminates the manual application of solder paste and improves the overall process quality while saving lots of money by significantly reducing the amount of wasted solder paste.

    DEK Paste Management
    DEK paste management is an important part of printing process automation. By combining available DEK Paste Dispenser and
    DEK Paste Roll Height Monitor options, the DEK Paste Management system optimizes the print quality by always delivering the ideal amount of solder paste.

    DEK Verification & Traceability
    Understanding and optimizing the processes along your SMT production line requires transparency and traceability, especially where printing is concerned. That's why ASM offers DEK Verification & Traceability, two options that provide direct setup control and seamless documentation.