Smart #1 SMT Factory


    Industry 4.0 in electronics production: On the road to the #1 Smart Factory

    Manufacturing products more intelligently, more flexibly and with fewer resources – these are the central concepts of Industry 4.0. All of this is made possible by a multitude of new technologies, from mobile networking to the Internet of Things to expert systems and real-time simulations.

    As the industry's technology leader, ASM has made it its business to break down the Industry 4.0 concept to the specific requirements and processes of its customers in the electronics manufacturing industry. Our goal: realizing the Smart #1 SMT Factory. We want to enable our customers to convert their plants step-by-step into intelligent SMT factories with the help of our solutions and services.

    This takes more than “visions” of Industry 4.0 – it requires process know-how and close interaction with customers and technology partners all over the world. It also requires extensive investments in the concrete developments that are needed to integrate the new technologies into solutions and close existing process holes. 

    To do all this, ASM has identified four central innovation drivers for the Smart #1 SMT Factory:

    • Best-in-Class Equipment
    • Automation
    • Process Integration
    • Material Logistics

    Do you want to make your electronics production smarter, more flexible and more future-proof? Talk with us. ASM has many innovative solution components in its portfolio and is already working with leading electronics manufacturers on the implementation of the Smart #1 SMT Factory.