DEK Grid-Lok – the flexible support solution for reliable solder paste printing

    Boards that are supposed to hold components on both sides must be held securely in place during the paste printing process. In addition, very large or thin boards require special support to keep them from flexing and limit vibrations, thus ensuring a reliable printing process.

    DEK Grid-Lok is the fastest and most flexible solution for supporting boards while they are in the printer. Even in its simplest version, DEK Grid-Lok uses its pins to adapt to the shape of the board in mere seconds. DEK Grid-Lok does not depend on the line controller, can be used in any machine, and does not require any setup changes since it adjusts automatically to the geometry of each board.

    Various versions of DEK Grid-Lok modules can be flexibly combined. And since models with different pin pitches and heights are available, even boards with very large components can be supported. The manual starter model can be upgraded to the automatic and pneumatically operated Grid-Lok at any time.