See what's possible:
    The new SMT Center of Competence

    Are you planning to make changes in your production? Do you have to master process changes? Or do you want to see what improvements you can achieve through smart, networked Industry 4.0 processes and innovative SMT solutions?

    The experts at our SMT Center of Competence can answer all of these questions. Not just theoretically, but in a real production environment from A to Z – with all relevant process steps on and adjacent to the line.

    SIPLACE and DEK platforms, software solutions, tools, services and special designs for grippers and nozzles – we will show you how everything interacts. You can discuss your needs and challenges with experienced experts who think in terms of processes and help you to improve your entire SMT production.

    Our tip: Take a tour and discover how you, too, can benefit from our network of experts and partners.