SIPLACE pre-owned equipment – your controller will be pleased

    We take in used machines through our trade-in and buy-back programs. We fully refurbish these machines, replace parts that are subject to wear, install the latest software and recalibrate them. In a final endurance test, the used machines must perform accurately and error-free according to the same specifications that new machines must meet. Only if they pass this test will the machines be allowed to carry the SIPLACE POE Seal of Quality.

    Talk to one of our POE experts and check out our current POE offerings.

    Your benefits:

    • Certified used machines directly from the manufacturer at attractive terms
    • 12-month warranty on the machine's functionality
    • The same full-service package that comes with our new machines
    • Easy and efficient order processing with a single point of contact
    • Significantly accelerated return on investment