SIPLACE CA: Chip assembly? Classic SMT placement?
    Our SIPLACE CA can do both.

    The SIPLACE CA is the world's first placement platform that combines bare-die placement directly from the wafer and classic SMT placement in a single machine and a single production process. The benefit: For electronics manufacturers, this means fewer special processes and a much leaner production process for modern products involving flip-chips and die-attach.

    The SIPLACE CA places up to 46,000 flip-chips or attaches up to 30,000 dies per hour with four of its SIPLACE SpeedStar heads. The components are supplied via special SIPLACE wafer systems (SWS) directly from wafers with diameters ranging from 4 to 12 inches. A Flip-Chip Unit (FCU), Die-Attach Unit (DAU) and Linear Dipping Unit (LDU) complete the equipment of the SIPLACE CA for flexible and highly accurate bare-die placement applications (+/ - 10 µm @ 3σ with embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) - Option).

    The gantries and heads of the SIPLACE CA which are not being used for bare-die placement can be supplied via component carts and X-feeders with passive components for the classic SMT placement process at speeds of up to 80,000 cph per head. 

    In short: The SIPLACE CA is the perfect solution for your state-of-the-art electronics production. Chip assembly and classic SMT placement converge on this platform for the first time.

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