Document your printing process

    Optimizing your SMT production process should begin at the start of the line, and ASM makes this easy.

    DEK Verification & Traceability is a solution for seamlessly documenting all relevant printing parameters. It also forces the printer operator to use only consumables and materials that have been approved for a particular job.
    DEK Verification & Traceability enables you to create the kind of documentation that customers like the automobile industry require.

    DEK Verification & Traceability features

    • Enforcement of compliance with defined parameters
    • Print is not approved if the material, like stencil, paste and consumables are not scanned
    • The material which should be approved can be defined and saved with more determining parameters
    • 2D and 3D barcodes provide for seamless tracking and tracing of time-stamped boards
    • Documentation compatible with all popular traceability programs
    • Quick configuration via Instinctiv™ V9 user interface
    • SPC process information such as squeegee pressure, temperature etc. can be assigned to the board number