Successful planning made easy

    Cut down on uncertainty and hectic rushes – take full advantage of your production floor’s capabilities. We help you make the most of modern planning tools that

    • save lots of time and money through automation
    • integrate and synchronize all relevant processes 
    • make sure that employees on all levels are properly informed of the latest status and schedule changes at all times
    • with transparency, reliability and speed – and without paper!

    Production scheduling
    Your shop floor and lines determine your bottom line. These tools will help you to maximize the efficiency, quality and flexibility of your electronics plant:

    • SiCluster Professional / SiCluster MultiLine
      Multi-line setup scheduling, family setups, runtime/yield, fast updates to accommodate rush jobs or order changes, paperless communication with kitting areas and lines
    • SIPLACE Material Manager
      Synchronized SMT-specific material flow from receiving to the placement process, package-specific UIDs, control of rack systems, MSD management, user guidance for pick and setup processes
      Reliable management of placement program versions
      Integration of the shopfloor level with higher-level IT/ERP systems

    Equipment planning and sizing
    Our planning experts help you with line upgrades, installations and modifications, as well as with commissioning them. This relieves your in-house teams, enhances your know-how and creates more security. Our ASM experts use the latest tools to plan and simulate your future production. You benefit from reliable capacity data, potential expansion scenarios and solid ROI calculations.

    Contact your sales representative and make an appointment at our SMT Center of Competence.

    Workflow Solutions