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    • Great success at APEX trade show:Plug-and-play with IPC Hermes 9852 and CFX02.27.2019

      Great success at APEX trade show:
      Plug-and-play with IPC Hermes 9852 and CFX

      Eight manufacturers, two standards, one line – the demo line for modern M2M communication was one of the main attractions at the 2019 IPC APEX trade show in San Diego. In several daily guided tours, visitors could see for themselves how PCB data can be reliably carried down the line via the IPC Hermes 9852 standard and how process data can be sent to higher-level IT solutions such as MES and ERP systems via the CFX standard. One major strength of both standards wasn’t even apparent: Although the partial government shutdown in the U.S. had caused massive delays in the delivery of the line components and they could be linked only at the last minute, even the first board was seamlessly tracked via the IPC Hermes 9852 standard. Once each board’s barcode was read by the laser at the start of the line, it was reliable passed from component to component, enriched with process information, and finally transferred to an MES at the end of the line.

    • Record Year: ASMPT Announces 2018 Results02.27.2019

      Record Year:
      ASMPT Announces 2018 Results

      The world’s No.1 semiconductor assembly and packaging solutions supplier ASM Pacific Technology Limited announced its annual results for the year 2018. Building on the momentum and achievements of the past two years, 2018 was yet another solid year for the Group. Both Group booking and billing attained new records.

    • ASM at IPC APEX 2019ASM showcases breadth of portfolio, further advancements for integrated smart factory solutions02.12.2019

      ASM at IPC APEX 2019
      ASM showcases breadth of portfolio, further advancements for integrated smart factory solutions

      At APEX 2019, February 29 to 31 in San Diego, SMT Solutions provider ASM recreated a typical electronics manufacturing shop floor to showcase its broad portfolio and how its hardware, software and service solutions support electronics manufacturers in establishing their own integrated smart factory concepts. Following typical workflows in electronics manufacturing such as Planning, Virtual Production and Factory Monitoring, highlights at the booth included ASM Command Center, ASM Production Planner, and much more. The Hermes Standard and the new IPC Standard CFX also were buzzy topics at trade fair, underlining the increasing need for standardization in electronics manufacturing to achieve a more integrated, transparent production floor.

    • True teamwork and high process standardsASM production network named "Factory of the Year"01.28.2019

      True teamwork and high process standards
      ASM production network named "Factory of the Year"

      ASM’s SMT Solutions segment, the technology leader for machines and solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry, has won the 2018 Factory of the Year/Global Excellence in Operations (GEO) Award in the Excellent Production Network category. The benchmarking award, which has been sponsored since 1992 by Produktion magazine and consultancy A.T. Kearney, is one of the most coveted honors for manufacturing companies. After 2012 and 2016, this is the third time ASM has won the Factory of the Year award. This time, the panel of judges recognized especially the high level of common standards within ASM’s global production network with its plants in Munich, Weymouth, Singapore, and Malaysia.  The awards will be officially presented during the Factory of the Year Congress, which will be held March 20-22 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

    • ASMPT Announces 2018 Third Quarter Results New Records for the First Nine Months11.08.2018

      ASMPT Announces 2018 Third Quarter Results
      New Records for the First Nine Months

      The world’s No.1 semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment supplier ASM Pacific Technology Limited ("ASMPT" / the "Group") today announced its results for the third quarter and the nine months ended 30 September 2018. The Group continued to deliver solid performance, driven largely by the SMT Solutions and the Back-end Equipment Segments. All three segments achieved new records in the period and the Group is on track to set new booking and billing records for the full year of 2018.
      ASMPT reported a revenue of HK$5.17 billion in the three months ended 30 September 2018, representing an increase of 1.1% as compared with HK$5.11 billion for the same period last year. The Group’s consolidated profit after taxation for the three months was HK$602.1 million, which was 30.2% lower than the corresponding period in 2017.

    • Next Generation IPC-SMEMA-StandardThe Hermes Standard has become IPC-HERMES-985208.27.2018

      Next Generation IPC-SMEMA-Standard
      The Hermes Standard has become IPC-HERMES-9852

      IPC has confirmed that they recognize The Hermes Standard to be the next generation solution to "the SMEMA Standard" IPC-SMEMA-9851. Accordingly, The Hermes Standard was assigned an IPC naming code: it can now officially be referred to as IPC-HERMES-9852. This strong acknowledgement means a lot for further enhancements of the global footprint and acceptance of The Hermes Standard as it is entering the second stage in global market penetration. Customers and vendors alike will strongly benefit from this new level of standardization progress. Obstacles with regards to implementing "smart factory" features will be dramatically reduced or removed. Electronics manufacturers joining the movement will see another strong boost in their long-term competitiveness.

    • 08.01.2018

      ASMPT To Invest in SMART Factory Software Solutions

      ASM Pacific Technology Limited ("ASMPT") is pleased to announce its strategic investment in a software developer Critical Manufacturing, S.A. ("Critical Manufacturing"), which is headquartered in Porto, Portugal.  Critical Manufacturing is a leading software developer and publisher of state-of-the-art manufacturing execution systems (MES).  As an experienced software solutions provider of state-of-the-art MES platforms, Critical Manufacturing has significant expertise in the integration and networking of machines and systems, as well as IT systems and cloud solutions. This strategic investment would accelerate ASMPT’s efforts to build a portfolio of Industry 4.0 solutions and will boost ASMPT’s software competence in enabling smart factories.

    • Faster, more accurate, more flexible:Premium SIPLACE TX platform features major improvements07.12.2018

      Faster, more accurate, more flexible:
      Premium SIPLACE TX platform features major improvements

      SIPLACE TX placement modules are known for setting industry records in performance, accuracy and space efficiency. Now technology leader ASM is pushing the envelope to the limit by presenting a new version of its premium platform that features major improvements. Equipped with the new SpeedStar head, the new model's placement performance has been increased by another 23 percent to up to 96,000 cph (components per hour), while its component spectrum now ranges from 0201 (metric) to 8.2 x 8.2 mm. Other advantages of the new model include reduced power consumption and the planned long-board option for boards with lengths of up to 510 mm.