ASM Pacific Technology


    Together #1: Consolidated expertise in electronics production

    In early 2011, ASM Pacific Technology acquired the placement machine business of Siemens AG, thus setting the foundation for its third and latest business segment: SMT Solutions. The successul integration continues the success story of ASM PT as the world's leading supplier and partner for the electronics manufacturing industry.

    ASM PT is traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, operates many plants in China and has locations all over the world. In 2002, the company became the world's largest supplier of solutions for so-called backend technologies in electronics production, which include chip assembly, bonding, packaging and other process steps.

    Today, ASM PT operates in three business segments: Leadframe Solutions, Backend Solutions, and SMT Solutions, the latter being represented by ASM Assembly Systems with its SIPLACE and DEK brands. In 2015, the company became the world’s largest equipment supplier in the SMT field. It intends to solidify this position by investing in new technologies and solutions for the Smart #1 SMT Factory of the future and expanding its global distribution and service structures.

    ASM PT is the world’s first equipment manufacturer that can offer technologies and solutions for all process steps in electronics production from backend (chip assembly, bonding, packaging) to SMT processes. The Backend Solutions and SMT Solutions segments complement each other and benefit from synergies in technologies, development, sourcing and global presence. The latest advances in integrated systems on the chip level (PoP, SiP/hybrid, WLFO, embedded PCB, etc.) further support these synergies, demonstrate the outstanding strategic position of the company and expand its role as a technology partner with process know-how and solutions for all areas of electronics production.