ASM White Papers


Expert voices on topics that move the industry

ASM White Papers shine a light on the electronics industry's current and relevant topics: our DEK and SIPLACE experts take an in-depth look at the latest technology, current hardware and software trends, production challenges and their solutions.


New capabilities in stencil production


This White Paper covers the details and capabilities of the various methods of electroforming on the basis of a wide range of applications in the fields of SMT, semiconductor manufacturing, and the solar industry.



The role of material management in flexible electronics production


This White Paper covers the rising demands on synchronized material management in electronics production environments – a topic that has been neglected in many factories, but is becoming increasingly important.



All ready for placement: cleverly managing different LED BIN codes & resistors


This White Paper treats challenges arising from the process of binning LEDs and having to pair them with fitting resistors during production, as well as presenting an easy solution to said challenges.