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Josef Ernst named Vice President CRM at ASM Assembly Systems
As the new Vice President CRM, Josef Ernst will be responsible for the global customer relationship management of ASM SMT Solutions, which is part of ASM Pacific Technology, the world’s largest equipment manufacturer for the electronics industry. The graduate engineer (Master degree of Applied Science) succeeds Ray Bruce, who retired in 2017 after many years as a highly respected expert who was instrumental in the industry’s development. Josef Ernst, 47, has been with ASM SMT Solutions for over 20 years, the last seven of which kept him busy developing new DEK, SIPLACE and ASM products as head of ASM's global research & development. In his new function, Ernst plans to direct his company's global sales organization towards advanced digitization and the Smart #1 SMT Factory.
"Our customers keep telling us that ASM’s global and regional sales, service and marketing teams keep setting the standard for the entire industry. We also want our CRM activities to focus even more actively on our Smart #1 Factory concept. This means that we will be an even more practice-oriented consultant for our customers. This also means that we will focus less on selling predefined standard products, but more on compiling customer-specific solutions from our board portfolio of hardware, software and support services, which includes our wide-spread network of partners. We want to bring solutions to the market and make them available to our customers even more quickly," says Josef Ernst about his goals as the new head of CRM at ASM SMT Solutions.
His appointment is thus part of ASM’s corporate strategy to support its customers as they implement smart production concepts on the road to the Smart #1 SMT Factory with process-optimizing solutions that integrate previously isolated production silos and network all production steps.
Josef Ernst, new CRM head at ASM SMT Solutions: "We want our CRM activities to focus even more actively on our Smart #1 Factory concept and become an even more practice-oriented consultant for our customers."