Small parts, big challenges

Because of their tiny components, the production of smartphones places special demands on the SMT process in terms of accuracy and speed. ASM is familiar with these challenges from years of testing and offers the right solutions.

Placement accuracy and speed

When placing super-small components, precision is of paramount importance – as long as it doesn't come at the price of speed. Despite the many components in a smartphone, their production must stay financially feasible.

The solution:

To ensure the necessary process reliability, SIPLACE placement solutions read additional fiducials for each cluster. The SIPLACE X-Series with its powerful digital vision system and the 20-nozzle SIPLACE SpeedStar head provides electronics manufacturers with one of the most powerful platforms for smartphone production available today. Based on the latest IPC tests, the SIPLACE X4i S is currently the fastest placement solution on the market.

High placement density

A smartphone holds many different components in a very small space, which makes the placement process quite challenging.

The solution:

When large and super-small components must be placed side-by-side and in high densities, the placement sequence plays an important role. The SIPLACE Precedence Finder identifies automatically where "placement shadows" cast by large components or shields require a specific placement order and determines the best sequence.

Super-small components (0201, 01005 and 03015)

Only a few machines available on the market today are able to process these super-small components efficiently.

The solution:

Modern SIPLACE placement solutions handle these tiny components by default and at full speed. They are supported by component sensors and a power vision system that checks each component separately and with individually adjustable illumination. For the efficient high-volume placement of super-small components, however, the entire process chain from solder paste selection and printing to placement and reflow must be optimized. Our experts will gladly give you valuable advice and the information you need to place 0201 components .

Placing contact springs

Components like the contact springs increasingly being installed in mobile phones pose a special challenge for the placement process. Without modification, the tension of the springs would cause them to jump off their position.

The solution:

On SIPLACE machines you can adjust the placement force continuously. In combination with self-learning positioning along the Z-axis, this feature makes it possible to place contact springs and similar components with no force whatsoever.


Barcodes allow you to efficiently produce different versions of a product and track-and-trace the various components, but you must be able to affix these codes in the smartphone.

The solution:

SIPLACE placement solutions can affix labels, read codes with their integrated PCB camera and use the results to control and document downstream processes. This not only saves time and the need to invest in special equipment, but provides electronics manufacturers with a new level of freedom to automate their SMT processes.

SIPLACE Smart Pin Support

The speed and precision required for smartphone production makes it imperative that the board is maintained in a stable and vibration-free position.

The solution:

With SIPLACE placement solutions, you define the position of support pins already as part of the placement program. The intelligent SIPLACE Smart Pin Support automatically prevents any damage to component previously installed on the back side of the board. A pin placement unit on the first placement head in the line positions the support pins automatically – with efficiencyreliability and no manual interference whatsoever.