SIPLACE Setup Concepts


Each SIPLACE component contributes to minimizing your setup times

Modern setup processes are only possible if all components work together seamlessly as a system.


SIPLACE X-feeders
The intelligent SIPLACE X-feeders feature contactless power and data interfaces, plug-and-play capabilities and download settings automatically.

SIPLACE machines
The stationwise program downloading and whispering-down-the-line functionalities of SIPLACE placement machines let you produce different products on different machines on the same line without having to first clear the entire line.

SIPLACE MultiStar placement head
The SIPLACE MultiStar switches between placement modes as needed. With its huge component spectrum, it provides the basis for flexible random setup and feeder-anywhere concepts.

SIPLACE software
Our placement programs let you to define alternative components, LED-resistors combinations (LED Pairing) and support pin positions – features that allow you to eliminate downtime.

Gross instead of net

If you have frequent setup changeovers, your overall efficiency depends mainly on your gross cycle time (production time + setup time). This means: as long as you have an overall time gain, setup time gains may be won at the expense of placement speed.

Let’s look at one example:

With SIPLACE’s Random Setup, feeders can be installed anywhere on the line. As far as machine balancing is concerned, such setups are not optimal. If you run many small lots, however, the minor inefficiencies make very little difference. The gain from reducing the setup effort is much larger than the small loss in placement performance.

ASM engineers have the experience and the tools needed to analyze the opposing effects of placement performance optimization and setup optimization. Talk with us to determine the setup strategies that work best for your production environment.