SIPLACE Setup Concepts


Same level of efficiency for all lot sizes

If you must deal with frequent setup changeovers, your overall efficiency depends mainly on your gross cycle time (production time + setup time). This means: as long as you have an overall time gain, it’s OK to gain setup time at the expense of placement speed. ASM engineers take this into account when they develop their concepts.

Floating setups allow you to change setups while the line keeps running, i.e. without any idle time. If you meet a few extra conditions (same conveyor widths, unlinked screen printers, etc.), you can change setups without any line stops and operate at nearly your maximum theoretical line capacity.

SIPLACE Random Setup / SIPLACE Plug-and-Play Feeders

With plug-and-play, your SIPLACE software, feeders and placement heads interact seamlessly. Instead of having to mount feeders in predetermined slots, your operators can install them in anywhere there is room. This saves a lot of time over traditional setup procedures.

What makes this possible: the placement program no longer determines each feeder slot, but each feeder position causes the placement program to adapt accordingly. And let’s not forget: SIPLACE machines use LEDs to signal to the operators which feeders may be removed to make room for the next setup.

With features like these, ASM provides ideal solutions for inserting new products or small rush jobs into your busy production schedule.


ASM engineers have the experience and the tools needed to analyze the opposing effects of placement performance optimization and setup optimization. Talk with us to determine the setup strategies that work best for your production environment.