SIPLACE Setup Concepts


Combine and customize setup concepts

The great flexibility of ASM solutions is also demonstrated by the fact that the various setup concepts can be freely combined. This allows you to run highly production- and line-specific manufacturing concepts and achieve the optimum balance between flexibility and placement performance.

The options made possible by SIPLACE multi-track conveyors are particularly interesting.

Floating setups on one side, a fixed setup on the other

The block-wise floating setup with SIPLACE Split Table Mode is a very interesting alternative to floating setups with individual feeder replacements.

For example, a producer who runs a high-volume product on a single line also wants to accommodate additional products with short runs as well as prototypes. The smart ASM solution: run a fixed setup on one side of the dual-conveyor line for the high-volume product and block-wise floating setups with Split Table Mode on the other side. That way, the second track can easily accommodate the short runs with quick product changeovers while the high-volume production continues to run at full speed on the first track.


Just one example of the many efficient ASM solutions. Our consultants look forward to showing you many best-practice solutions that have proven themselves with our customers.