SIPLACE Setup Concepts


Fixed setup, perfectly balanced

If you combine products into product families, fixed setups continue to be a popular option in many plants. As long as setup changeovers remain infrequent, the overall efficiency of the production is determined by the products’ net throughput time.


With proper software support you can balance the lines perfectly and select the feeder positions that optimize pickup and placement sequences for a very high level of performance.


Setups with changeover tables

Changeover tables allow you to spread out the setup process by performing preparatory activities (feeder kitting, etc.) in the setup preparation area without taking time away from the productive lines. Switching out fully stocked changeover tables speeds up the setup process significantly.


ASM solutions:

Software solutions like SIPLACE Pro and SiCluster Pro allow you to optimize setup families and create perfectly balanced line configurations while taking into account certain restrictions (e.g., top and bottom always in the same setup) or exclusions (e.g., never produce product A with product Z) as well as other factors such as nozzle changer capacities.