SIPLACE Setup Concepts


Setup concepts as individual as your production

Today’s standard production environments include classic high-volume lines next to high-mix lines where several setup changeovers per shift are nothing unusual. Everyone knows: the smaller the run sizes and the more job diversity, the greater the impact of changeover times on the overall operating costs.

The goal: Floating setup changeovers with no line stops

ASM’s production experts recognized this relationship years ago, which is why ASM was one of the first equipment manufacturers that made minimizing setup times a major goal in its development and project requirements. The result: ASM is considered today’s technology leader also with regard to setup concepts. Based on your requirements, our solutions support highly diverse setup strategies and concepts. And let’s not forget: for many of our customers, floating and no-stop setup changeovers are no longer wishful thinking, but part of their everyday operations.

We are your partner – with a setup concept that is tailored to your needs

Put the total potential of your ASM lines to full use. Our experts will gladly provide advice, analyze your requirements and optimize your setup strategies with you.

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