Master your challenges with ASM

Industrial applications tend to constantly pose new  challenges for electronics manufacturers. This section covers ASM technologies that help you to master the challenges. For detailed information about ASM innovations, go to 'Innovative technologies'.

Component diversity

The spectrum of components needed for industrial applications covers the whole spectrum of shapes and sizes. That's why it is important that the placement machine can respond flexibly without having to be reconfigured all the time.

The solution:

SIPLACE machines handle all standard components with only three placement heads: The extremely fast SIPLACE SpeedStar collect-and-place head for small components, the SIPLACE TwinStar for large components, and the highly flexible SIPLACE MultiStar that can switch between collect-and-place mode, pick-and-place mode and mixed mode in response to software commands.

Keep large components in place

To make sure that large components don't shift, they are held in place with adhesive. In the past, this required a special gluing machine on the line.

The solution:

With its SIPLACE Glue Feeder , ASM now offers a solution that sprays tiny glue dots with exceptional accuracy – a much more flexible solution. It can be installed on the placement machine just like a feeder as soon as heavy components must be held in place or kept from falling off if the board has to be populated from both sides. The placement machine picks up the component and moves it over the SIPLACE Glue Feeder before placing it. The Glue Feeder then "shoots" tiny dots of adhesive onto the component, and the machine's camera checks their application. Another advantage: you can move the SIPLACE Glue Feeder from line to line and install it wherever it's needed.

Soldering sensitive components

In the past, solder paste was applied with a printer and spread with a squeegee. The subsequent reflow process, however, can damage highly sensitive components.

The solution:

To circumvent this problem, innovation leader ASM has introduced a new technology that involves gluing a super-thin nano-film containing a tiny deposit of solder paste onto the circuit board.

Tall components

The product for which the circuit board is being manufactured does not always have sufficient room for tall components. Sometimes it would be nice to have the respective component made in a mini-version, but that's not financially feasible, especially when the lots size is small.

The solution:

SIPLACE machines are capable of 2½-D placement. This means that components are placed in openings on the board to save on space. The benefit: Lower height of the finished board.

Board support

When large components must be placed with great force, the board must be properly supported to keep it from bending and warping.

The solution:

With SIPLACE placement solutions, you define the support pin positions as part of the placement program; the SIPLACE Smart Pin Support software automatically prevents any damage to the underside of the board.