ASM as trailblazer

Whether the subject is researching problems or developing new solution approaches, ASM is the innovation leader in the SMT field. We continuously implement new ideas that benefit especially the area of industrial placement applications.

Here are just a few of them:


Nano-film – the soldering technology of the future


In the past, solder paste was applied with a printer and spread with a squeegee. The subsequent reflow process, however, can damage highly sensitive components.
To circumvent this problem, innovation leader ASM has introduced a new technology that involves gluing a super-thin nano-film containing a tiny deposit of solder paste onto the circuit board. The contacts are created during the placement process by shooting a precisely controlled laser beam at the nano-film and solder deposit. This eliminates the need for a reflow oven and prevents damage to sensitive components.


2½-D placement for reducing the space requirements of tall components:


The product for which the circuit board is being manufactured does not always have sufficient room for tall components. In the past, this often required the respective component to be produced in a mini-version. This in turn creates huge costs and is not always financially feasible, especially when lot sizes are small.
SIPLACE machine now offers a new solution. With 2½-D placement, components are placed in openings on the board to save on space. The great advantage: The total board height is reduced. This is often the only way certain components can be used in applications with limited space. For small lot sizes or functional prototypes, 2½-D placement is often an attractive option, because it can eliminate the need to develop a specially miniaturized version of a component.


Smart Pin Support for intelligent board support:


For large components that have to be placed with great force (an extreme case are board locks that have to be placed with SIPLACE High Force heads applying up to 70 Nm), providing support for the PCB during the placement process is an absolute must.
With SIPLACE placement solutions, you define the support pin positions as part of the placement program; the SIPLACE Smart Pin Support software automatically prevents any damage to the underside of the board. A pin placement unit on the first placement head in the line positions the support pins automatically – with efficiency, reliability and no manual interference whatsoever.