Small runs, short deadlines

For traditional electronics manufacturers, meeting the requirements of the automobile industry may seem like having to place a square peg in a round hole: fluctuating quantities, short-term deadlines, small lot sizes, lots of variants, delivery times set in stone – all areas where ASM has set industry standards for many years with features like these:

SIPLACE MultiStar placement head
The world’s only placement head that can operate in three modes: the fast Collect & Place mode, the precise Pick & Place mode, and the flexible Mixed mode. Switching between these modes is governed by the placement program. The result: an extremely wide component spectrum (01005 to 50 x 40 mm) and the ability to run a broad range of products without having to reconfigure the line.

Innovative setup concepts
ASM lines enable you to implement totally new setup concepts for no-stop product changeovers. We combine our innovative spirit with our technical skills  to deliver powerful software, digital vision systems, unique placement heads (SIPLACE MultiStar), flexible conveyors, intelligent X-feeders, and a whole lot more.

Interchangeable SIPLACE SX gantries
Did you accept a new order with no deadline flexibility, but don’t have any extra capacity on hand? The uniquely exchangeable SIPLACE SX gantries make it easy to add more performance to your SIPLACE SX line without having to reconfigure your stations.