Here the right combination is needed

When it comes to illuminating their dashboards, automotive OEMs don’t leave room for compromise. Total color fidelity and even lighting are a must.

Not an easy task for the placement system, because LEDs of different brightness classes require different resistors, which are sometimes even arranged on both sides of the PCB. ASM makes it easy to handle such challenges.

With SIPLACE LED Pairing you can easily create program templates which can be adapted to all brightness classes in your production with only a few mouse clicks. As a result, the machine will automatically pick the appropriate resistor based on each LED’s brightness class.

Special nozzles for LEDs
LEDs require extra-careful handling. Normal nozzles can easily scratch the sensitive glass or plastic lenses. ASM helps you to design the types of grippers that will pick up your LEDs with the care they deserve.

But even outside of the automotive realm, high-quality and highly efficient LED placement applications are one of our strong suits. Talk with our experts.