No jobs without them

Most automotive OEMs and their tier 1 suppliers certify their supply chains and require detailed traceability, which leads to some tough rules:

  • Once a line configuration has been certified it may not be changed.
  • Deliveries must be made in relatively small lots, directly to the plant, and exactly on schedule.
  • Any peak loads may not be outsourced to non-certified subcontractors, i.e. other electronics manufacturers.
  • Automotive suppliers are subject to enormous cost pressure.

To help our customers meet these challenges, our automotive experts have developed special solutions:

  • Machine verification as a service.
  • Setup verification, splice sensors, feeder registration on the machine, exact recording of component placements, material management solution – with SIPLACE Traceability you can meet the requirements of your new customers.
  • With interchangeable SX gantries, the SIPLACE MultiStar and innovative setup concept we make the production of small lots efficient and enable you to produce many different products and product variants on identically configured lines.
  • Worldwide service and support give you the ability and confidence to meet your customers’ delivery deadlines.