Active Parts & LEDs


Satisfy tough requirements with ASM

Miniaturized components, different brightness classes, sensitive lenses – placing active parts and LEDs involves a slew of challenges. ASM provides electronics manufactures with innovative solutions and customized support options for efficient production lines.

More accuracy for shrinking components

As component sizes shrink and more of them must be squeezed onto smaller PCBs, the accuracy of the placement process becomes an increasingly critical factor.

The solution:

Component-specific illumination options, high-resolution SIPLACE vision systems, precise SIPLACE X-feeders, component sensors and super-accurate and efficient SIPLACE placement heads are the core elements that underscore our technological leadership in these application areas. Even wafer-level chip-scale packages (WLCSPs) and additional pads for heat dissipation on the underside of components pose no problems for today’s SIPLACE machines.

Different LED brightness classes

Since LEDs don’t leave their production line with uniform brightness levels, manufacturers offer them in different brightness classes. In high-quality applications such as automobile dashboards, however, the illumination provided by these components must be very even, which is why each brightness class requires a different resistor.

The solution:

With the SIPLACE LED Pairing software, you can load an array of all permissible LED-resistor combinations as part of a single placement program. The benefit: As soon as the operator mounts a new reel of LEDs with a brightness class, the SIPLACE machine selects the matching resistor. ASM solutions even maintain the relationship between LED and resistor when both are in different sides of the PCB and require a run through the line.

Place sensitive components without a scratch

LEDs are available in a wide range of packages and technologies. Whether bare or equipped with glass or plastic lenses – the sensitive surfaces must never be scratched or damaged during the SMT process.

The solution:

ASM offers many nozzles specially designed for LED placement requirements in terms of material, size and shape. Whether packaged or bare or equipped with soft and sticky plastic lenses – SIPLACE machines place them reliably, in the right position and with the right placement force every time, and without scratching the lens.

Align LEDs with the product’s optical axis

In the past, LEDs could not be used for vehicle headlights because traditional placement processes were unable to properly align the chip’s center with the headlight’s optical axis.

The solution:

Thanks to innovative SIPLACE LED Centering, the LEDs can now be held in place on the optical axis with an adhesive. This prevents the self-centering of components on the pads during the reflow process (this is normally desired, but counterproductive in this case). The whole process is performed on the SIPLACE placement machine. SIPLACE software, the SIPLACE vision system and SIPLACE placement heads ensure that the chip’s center gets precisely aligned on the optical axis, and the SIPLACE Glue Feeder applies the adhesive to hold the chip in place.