Active Parts & LEDs


Sensitive components – outstanding placement results

Since active parts tend to be very small and sensitive, they must be handled not only with exceptional precision, but with extreme care. Here, too, ASM offers several solutions that were developed for applications like these.

  • The SIPLACE SpeedStar places with an accuracy rating of 36µm at 3 sigma, and the special SIPLACE nozzles pick up and place even sensitive and sticky components without damaging them.
  • The SIPLACE vision system supports their precise alignment with the optical axis, which is needed to be able to use LEDs in applications like low-beam vehicle headlights.
  • The SIPLACE Glue Feeder in turn makes sure that the LEDs stay in place and don’t shift during the reflow process.

But the SIPLACE Glue Feeder handles much more than LEDs, because it is the ideal solution for all applications where only a limited number of components must be affixed with adhesive.