Technology - 0201 (metric)


What our experts recommend for the 0201m process chain

Our portfolio for 0201m placement: DEK printers, SIPLACE placement solutions, and close support for the implementation of consistently 0201m-capable process chains from our experts.  All of the above ensures the reliable and efficient introduction of 0201m processes – and the satisfaction of even your most demanding customers.

We have performed extensive testing. The major factors for success at a glance:


  1. High-quality stencils that are optimized for fine-pitch applications (such as DEK Electroform stencils)
  2. Improved transfer efficiency in fine-pitch apertures (such as DEK Nano Ultra coatings)

Solder pads and paste

  1. Type 6 solder paste is recommended for 0201m applications. Depending on the requirements, of the remaining components, acceptable to good results may also be possible with Type 5 paste.
  2. Further printing improvements can be achieved with add-on technologies like the DEK ProActiv, which injects energy into the solder paste by micro-oscillating the squeegee blade.

Printers (e.g. DEK NeoHorizon)

  1. High-precision conveyor
  2. Effective stencil cleaning with DEK Cyclone
  3. Combined clamping system such as DEK Over Top Snugger and DEK All Purpose Clamping
  4. Humidity- and temperature-controlled printing area
  5. Accurately controllable blade pressure
  6. Vacuum tooling
  7. Optional: Encapsulated print head (DEK ProFlow ATx)

Placement machine (e.g. SIPLACE TX, SIPLACE SX, SIPLACE X)

  1. Accurate transport (optional: Pin support)
  2. High-resolution SIPLACE Vision System
  3. High-precision placement head (e.g. SIPLACE SpeedStar)
  4. 0201m-optimized nozzles (e.g. SIPLACE 1002)
  5. Coplanarity check
  6. Placement force control
  7. Component sensors
  8. Auto-correction of all positioning tasks
  9. Accurate component feeding (e.g. SIPLACE X Feeder)


  1. Cmk > 1.67 (even better: > 2)
  2. Absolutely vibration-free transport
  3. Even, precisely controllable temperature curve and cool-down
  4. Precisely controllable nitrogen atmosphere (100 to 1,500 ppm)

All of these are initial recommendations resulting from our extensive tests. Other factors will affect the quality and efficiency of your 0201m process as well. Together with your teams, our experts will gladly analyze the 0201m capabilities of your lines and processes and issue clear recommendations to ensure the required process quality in your plant. Our experts look forward to hearing from you.