Technology - 0201 (metric)


DEK printing solutions optimize 0201m processes

Everything from a single source: Process advice from DEK experts, DEK stencils, DEK printer platforms like the DEK NeoHorizon iX cooperate perfectly to ensure stable 0201m printing processes. Thanks to the modular design of the DEK printer solutions, they can be equipped at any time with the options you need for 0201m components – even retroactively.

The most important features and options:

DEK stencils:

  • Fine-pitch stencils with precisely cut apertures (laser-cut from fine-grain stainless steel, nickel, or galvanically structured nickel)
  • Special nano-coating for improved release characteristics and significantly fewer cleaning cycles even with the smallest apertures (DEK Nano Ultra)

DEK printer platforms:

  • Precise conveyors and stiff chassis frames
  • Powerful clamping and support options – even for the thinnest boards
  • Precise squeegee control for repeatable printing results and special options for printing even the smallest pads:
    Encapsulated DEK ProFlow ATx print head system and DEK ProActiv
  • Fast and highly efficient understencil cleaning DEK Cyclone
  • Optical process control
  • DEK VectorGuard high-tension stencil clamping system