Technology - 0201 (metric)


Fast and reliable:
SIPLACE placement solutions for 0201m components

Whether the SIPLACE TX, SIPLACE SX or SIPLACE X – modern SIPLACE placement modules have the features you need to place  0201m components quickly and reliably even in high-volume environments:

  • Stable machine chassis, exceptionally precise drives, and a whole lot more.
  • High-resolution vision system with frontal illumination and individually adjustable light levels
  • Highly accurate placement heads: The latest generation of our super-fast SIPLACE SpeedStar (CP20P) placement heads is 0201m-capable
  • Precise fiducial control and highly accurate PCB transport and support systems
  • Self-learning correction functions during placement: Coplanarity check, individually adjustable placement forces, fast and gentle component pickup and placement
  • Individual visual inspection of each component; alignment correction with individual nozzle rotation
  • Component sensors and vacuum checks instantly detect pickup errors (missing components)
  • Recognition/control of tape pockets and correction of the pickup position
  • High-precision feeders (SIPLACE X-feeder)
  • Software tools like the SIPLACE Precedence Finder for optimized placement sequences (to manage shields, "shadows" thrown by large components, etc.)