Best-in-Class Equipment


#1 in best-in-class equipment: The future of electronics manufacturing requires a solid foundation

Powerful, extremely precise and highly flexible machines form the basis of modern electronics manufacturing plants. The Smart #1 SMT Factory of the future must meet even tougher requirements with open data interfaces, networking capabilities, intelligent modules, modular designs, and scalability.

As the supplier of best-in-class equipment, technology leader ASM is paving the road to the intelligent factory. Our placement machines and printers are no longer standalone units or “black boxes”, but intelligent, interactive nodes that can be integrated into flexible manufacturing networks – not in the distant future, but here and now.

Here are some examples:

Our new and extremely compact high-end placement modules operate with maximum precision. They are even able to place 0201 (metric) components at top speed. And since they deliver the industry's best floorspace performance, you can easily combine them to form into powerful lines.

DEK NeoHorizon
Our new and completely modular printer platform adapts easily to your requirements. With the back-to-back configuration, you can even implement a dual-track solution at the drop of a hat.

The SIPLACE SX's interchangeable gantries allow you to adjust your line’s performance quickly and easily and shift capacities between existing lines. We call this “Capacity on Demand”.

Chip assembly and SMT, classic feeder modules or dies/chips directly from the wafer – the unique SIPLACE CA can handle it all.

DEK Process Support Products (PSP)
Stencils, Tooling, Screen and consumables, ensuring greater efficiency to the production line, higher yield and lowering manufacturing costs.