Having well-trained personnel puts you ahead of the competition

Identical machines and products, but huge differences in availability, cycle times and quality. How is this possible? The training and expertise of your people make the difference.

Make sure that your staff is able to get the most from your ASM placement solutions. The ASM SMT Academy’s training offerings set standards for the whole industry.

We offer requirements-oriented training

  • in our ASM training centers  or at your location
  • with experienced and certified instructors
  • Standard training seminars convey the basics. These open courses are offered all throughout the year and in all our training centers.
  • Modular training seminars on the other hand are designed for a customer’s specific needs. They can be held at the customer’s site or in one of our training centers.
  • Additional courses are based on the life cycle of your production and offer modules for all relevant workflows (planning, ramp-up, production run and optimization).
  • You want to train your operators yourself? In this case too, we support you with materials and know how.

Our tip: Upon request we analyze what your team already knows (knowledge analysis), consider specific requirements, and design together with you a training program that is customized for your company.