ASM Remote Smart Factory

Truly smart: The new ASM remote maintenance system

The plug-and-work box is at the center of the new ASM Remote Smart Factory system. It establishes a separate local network with all DEK and SIPLACE products and uses the Internet to connect with ASM Assembly Systems’ global service cloud and service centers.

  • The entire communication runs separately from your corporate IT network.
  • All data traffic is encrypted, and any machine data that is transmitted of ASM is automatically deleted after 48 hours.
  • You can control at all times what users are permitted to do.
  • And any access is logged automatically.
  • ASM Remote Smart Factory lets you fix malfunctions and make improvements more quickly to improve your overall equipment efficiency.

How ASM Remote Smart Factory works: fast, easy to use, and secure

This is what your new remote support process looks like:

  • You set up a support ticket in the customer cockpit of the ASM Remote Smart Factory plug-and-work box.
  • You configure what the ASM service staff is permitted to do.
  • Once the ASM service technician has legitimized him- or herself via 2-factor authentication, a certified and encrypted VPN connection with the plug-and-work box is established.
  • The operator and ASM’s support staff are linked via a chat client. Our support has only the kind of access to your network and machine data you have authorized – up to the ability to install software.
  • When the session is over, any remote access is blocked until you set up another ticket.

One more tip: You can also use the plug-and-work box for your in-house support across multiple locations and to centrally monitor your SIPLACE and/or DEK production equipment. You receive automatic updates of electronic manuals and have the ability to order parts automatically.

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Remote Smart Factory

Remote Smart Factory