DEK Stencil Technologies

The ideal stencil for your application

ASM's printing experts stand by your side for all stencil printing-related questions. Using the right stencil for your application is a critical decision. Whether classic mesh-mounted or in the patented VectorGuard frame – we provide stencils for any application and are able to produce them with a wide range of technologies.

If your application and your processes pose special requirements, .

We produce the following stencil types for you:

  • DEK stainless-steel stencils

  • DEK fine-grain stencils
    Ideal for fine-pitch applications and our cost-effective alternative to nickel stencils

  • Laser-cut nickel stencils
    The surface qualities of nickel deliver especially even and detailed paste deposits

  • DEK multilevel stencils
    The right area ratio for each component

  • Electroformed stencils
    Built layer-by-layer for outstanding printing properties (more information)

  • DEK 3D stencils
    Electroformed stencils for very special cases – with cavities or for chip-on-board applications

  • DEK Nano Ultra Stencils