Faster and better:

Our DEK Cyclone & Cyclone Duo active understencil cleaning system

Do you want to minimize the time you spend cleaning stencils while maximizing your process stability? Our recommendation: DEK Cyclone – our flexible, programmable, high-speed understencil cleaning system.

DEK Cyclone optimizes the understencil cleaning process with a series of unique innovations:

  • The cleaning head's lateral oscillation delivers outstanding cleaning quality.
  • The head is available in the standard version with a very large cleaning area and the DEK Cyclone Duo version, which features an even faster, fully integrated wet and vacuum/dry cleaning process in a single cycle.
  • Fast cleaning fabric replacement: With the new cartridge system, you can replace the cleaning fabric in a few seconds.
  • Maximum flexibility, easy programming: Different head widths and equipment options (vacuum pumps, etc.).

Your gains with DEK Cyclone high-speed cleaning:

  • Up to 61 percent more throughput through significantly reduced cleaning times with the DEK Cyclone Duo
  • Improved cleaning results; more process stability
  • Quick head and cartridge replacements minimize your downtime
  • Lower material costs