Long Board – DEK printer option for overlong boards

The DEK Long Board Option from ASM Assembly Systems expands the capabilities of DEK printers. Instead of being limited to a printing size of 510 by 508 mm, the Long Board Option enables users to load boards with dimensions of up to 620 by 508 mm. The maximal printing area is 610 mm*. Its camera has additional range along the X-axis to monitor boards that are up to 620 mm long. The fiducials and inspection coordinates are adjusted as well.

Long Board features

  • Long Board software option
  • Blades in widths of 510 mm, 535 mm. 580 mm and 610 mm (have to be ordered separately)
  • Optional Long Board Understencil Cleaner
  • Optional board support solutions
  • Boards heavier than 1 kg (2.2 lbs) require the Heavy Board Conveyor
  • The long board option is not compatible with the stinger dispenser option

*Depending on the stencil mount system